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SGPA is an organization of over 300 physicians that was organized in 1997 to provide medical and surgical care to citizens of South Georgia. SGPA member physicians must meet quality care criteria established by their peers. SGPA uses a Credentials Verification Organization certified by the National Committee Quality Insurance (NCQA), and the SGPA membership comes from all major specialties and sub-specialties.

Provides managed care contracting

Over 20 statewide and direct contracts that cover over 3 million Georgia lives.

Using a “messenger model” so physicians can choose which network they want to participate.

Contracts as a group. A network must accept all physicians. Physicians can not be terminated from a network without approval of the board.

Reviews all contract language to ensure physicians are protected from any adverse action.

Works directly in each community to ensure that employers and payers needs are met.

Contract directly with employers, TPAs’, state wide networks, and national networks.

Networks delegate credentialing to the SGPA.

Analyzes local and surrounding industry base

To identify the industry base in each community.

To identify the number of employees and total number of insured by industry.

To identify the insurance carriers or TPA that is used for each industry.

To identify the fully insured versus the self-insured industries.

To identify the decision-maker for each industry.


Accurate and unbiased information about the healthcare market.

Online meeting for physicians and their staff.

Staff training and continuing education.


Lives Covered


Network Physicians


Statewide Contracts

Facilitates the formalization of an IPA

Through experience

Legal documents

Office Education

Provides critical support to each practice

Fee analysis comparisons

Compliance manuals

Claims research and resolution

Network participation survey

Builds networks to protect rural physicians

Medicare health care plans

Medicaid health care plans

Commercial health care plans

Direct to employer contracting

Provides and continues to expand purchasing policies

Malpractice insurance

Directors and Officers Liability discounts

Office Practice Analysis

Clinical and office supplies

Provides managing services to each IPA

Provides agreements for contracting self-insured companies

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