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SGPA Membership

Below are our membership Details. Please scroll down for our applications.

  1. Membership Dues

The dues for primary care physicians are $1800 per year and $2400 per year for specialist. SGPA’s economies of scale savings will more than pay for annual dues for each physician. These savings are made available through discounts in malpractice insurance, officers and directors insurance, property insurance, and disability insurance. SGPA has built purchasing programs for its member use. The SGPA can offer state of the art billing and collection services, dictation services, financial planning and much more at tremendous savings for SGPA members.

  1. Credentialing Process

Each applicant shall complete a SGPA Credentialing Addendum and a Georgia Uniform Credentialing Application through the CAQH Online Application System. Each physician may request the status of the credentialing application at any time. Once the primary source verifications (license, education, board status, hospital privileges, etc.) have been obtained, the application will be reviewed by the SGPA Credentialing Committee. The credentialing process usually takes 90-120 days. If the physician application is approved, it will then take 30-90 days to load the physician into the networks that they have selected.

  1. Confidentiality of Credentialing Information

Only members of the Credentialing Committee and individuals directly responsible for the collection and verification of credentialing information shall have access to such information. Information submitted by a physician as part of the credentialing process, as well as any information pertaining to a physician’s credentials obtained from outside sources, shall be used only as necessary for completion of credentials verification activity and as part of the Credentialing Committee’s peer review process, and shall not be discussed with or revealed to any individual or entity who does not have direct responsibility for SGPA credentialing activities.

or Join SGPA by Mail

Mail the completed addendum and application fee to:

Strategic Healthcare Partners, LLC
PO Box 60969
Savannah, GA 31420

  1. The SGPA utilizes the CAQH online application system

If you already have a CAQH application, please visit the CAQH site to ensure that your attestation is current so your application can be downloaded.

If you do not already have a CAQH application, the SGPA will create a request for you to complete it when your Credentialing Addendum is received. When you receive your letter from CAQH, please visit the CAQH site with your Provider ID to complete your application.

The SGPA will then download your application directly from CAQH to start the credentialing process.

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