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Provides managed care contracting:
  • Over 20 statewide and direct contracts that cover over 3 million Georgia lives.
  • Using a "messenger model" so physicians can choose which network they want to participate.
  • Contracts as a group. A network must accept all physicians. Physicians can not be terminated from a network without approval of the board.
  • Reviews all contract language to ensure physicians are protected from any adverse action.
  • Works directly in each community to ensure that employers and payers needs are met.
  • Contract directly with employers, TPAs', state wide networks, and national networks.
  • Networks delegate credentialing to the SGPA.
Analyzes local and surrounding industry base:
  • To identify the industry base in each community.
  • To identify the number of employees and total number of insured by industry.
  • To identify the insurance carriers or TPA that is used for each industry.
  • To identify the fully insured versus the self-insured industries.
  • To identify the decision-maker for each industry.
  • Accurate and unbiased information about the healthcare market.
  • Online meeting for physicians and their staff.
  • Staff training and continuing education.
Facilitates the formalization of an IPA:
  • Through experience
  • Legal documents
  • Office Education
Builds networks to protect rural physicians:
  • Government health care plans
  • Commercial health care plans
Provides critical support to each practice:
  • Fee analysis comparisons
  • Network meeting for administrators
  • Compliance manuals
  • In service seminars for plans
  • Claims research and resolution
  • Network participation survey
Provides and continues to expand purchasing policies:
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Office Practice Analysis
  • Clinical and office supplies
Provides managing services to each IPA. Provides agreements for contracting self-insured companies.


Physical Location:
414 N. Westover Blvd.
Suite B
Albany, GA 31707

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 71887
Albany, GA 31708-1887

(229) 432-7003
(229) 432-9536 (fax)
(877) 892-6410 (toll free)

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